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Mouse mode

Only for Pro version

Available only in Pro version

Show cursor as arrow

By default, the cursor shows a translucent circle. You can turn it on if you want to change the cursor to an arrow like on PC.

Run cursor after opening power dialog

You can find the "Open power dialog" action in the Action tab of an action chooser. But you can't control power dialog with remote control on some devices. This setting to automatically run mouse mode when you open the power dialog using the tvQuickActions action.

Emulate swipe by double click DPAD

When it is enabled you can emulate swipe with a double click on the Up, Down, Left or Right buttons in mouse mode

Emulate swipe on the edge of screen

When it's on, you can emulate swiping with a moving cursor when it's on the edges of the screen.

Close cursor on launch button

By default, you can close mouse mode using the Back button. But when it is on, you can close mouse mode using the same button that you use to run mouse mode. Also Back button will work in the system without closing mouse mode.

Scroll step

You can configure the scroll step if you want to make it bigger or smaller.

Cursor movement speed

Here you can change the maximum cursor movement speed