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General settings


The first item in the settings has the same name as the app. Here you can disable remapping without disabling accessibility service (for example to keep working AFR)

Remap Netflix button


Only Xiaomi or TiVo Stream 4K with Android 9. For other devices use ADB to remap the Netflix button.

It is optional and depends on the device. You can see this setting only on Xiaomi devices or TiVo Stream 4K and Android 9.

Using this preference you can enable a special activity which can be called when you press the Netflix button.

After you turn on it, you can find the Netflix button in the "Buttons & actions" tab and configure it.

If it doesn't work for you, go to the device settings -> Apps -> Netflix -> Clear defaults, then try again and press a button. If Netflix is installed and enabled, you must see activity chooser with Netflix and tvQuickActions. Choose tvQuickActions and press Always.

Volume buttons fix

Most devices lose the ability to use long-press volume buttons when you activate any accessibility service to remap the buttons. If this is also your case, you can try to fix it with "Volume buttons fix"

When enabled, it works as follows: - You press Volume+ or Volume- once - Then remapping will be disabled for 10 seconds (time is configurable) - You can control the volume in the standard way

If that doesn't work for you, try using "Use ADB to fix volume buttons" in the ADB tab of the app's settings.

Volume buttons fix duration

Here you can change how long the remapping is turned off when using the volume buttons.

Double and long press latency

A double press has a time during which a second tap must occur to trigger the assigned action. A long press has a time during which the button must not be released for the assigned action to be triggered. You can adjust both of these times here.

tvQuickActions panel position

Here you can configure the panel position. All panels will be displayed according to position here. In the dialog you can see Android Gravity flags:

  • START (left)
  • END (right)
  • TOP

You can choose several flags to place it.

In the screenshot you can see the configuration of the default panel position - left and centered vertically.

Fix screen orientation


Only before Android 10.

Here you can fix screen orientation if you have troubles with some apps.

Forced fix 20 sec volume panel

Some devices can have side effects when the volume panel displays for 20 seconds if you use an accessibility service with some parameters.

If you don't use the AFR service, but it is enabled, you can try to disable AFR first and check if it helps (reboot the device after disabling AFR).

Enable the forced fix if the previous tip doesn't help you or doesn't suit you.


This can have another side effect, especially on the default Android TV launcher.

Show update info dialog

This preference allows you to see a dialog with update changes when the app is updated. Keep it on, if you want to know about app updates.