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Only for Pro version

Available only in Pro version


To apply clock settings changes you need to close the clock and open it again

Show clock

You can hide the clock to see only the weather.

Show weather

Enable or disable weather in the clock.

Weather location

Here you can enter your city if the weather is wrong

Clock position

In the dialog you can see Android Gravity flags:

  • START (left)
  • END (right)
  • TOP

You can choose several flags to place it.

Here you can see the default position configuration.

Clock font size

You can change the clock font size to increase it or decrease it. Only clock font size can be changed, weather font size can't be changed.

Save screen from burn-in

This setting causes the clock to periodically move a few pixels.

Clock movement period

This option depends on the previous one, and here you can change the time and how often the clock will change position to avoid burn-in