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Only for Pro version

Available only in Pro version

USB debugging

Turn on "USB debugging" on your Android TV device to get working features from this tab

Check connection

If something from this tab is not working correctly, first of all, use the "Check connection" item from this tab to check if ADB has a connection.

Turn on debugging

If you still don't enable USB debugging, it will be the first item, all others will be disabled and unavailable.

Use ADB for remap

Many devices have remote controls with app buttons implemented in a way that doesn't allow them to remap these buttons. In this case, it can help you.

If you want to use ADB for remap, you need to disable the app which button you want to remap. It needs to prevent apps from running on the device. If it is a system app, you can find Disable in the settings (Settings -> Apps -> Prime Video (for example) -> Disable). If it is not system pre-installed app, you need to use the ADB command to disable it:

[adb shell] pm disable-user --user 0 must be replaced with the package name of the needed app

When you have disabled the app, try to remap the button

Remap using getevent

Sony TV only

Optional item which you can see only on Sony TV.

This method of remapping is used when you have two or more buttons with the same keycode, so when you try to remap these buttons, you can remap two or more buttons as one.

Detailed tutorial on how to use and configure it: Reddit

Mix up Netflix and Prime

Sony TV only

Optional item which you can see only on Sony TV. It depends on previous

tvQuickActions has pre-configured keys which are remote sent when you press Netflix and Prime Video. These keys can be mixed up on different devices. If it makes trouble for you, you can enable this to fix it.

Use ADB to volume buttons fix

You can find the description of "Volume buttons fix" in Settings -> General. If "Volume buttons fix" from Settings -> General doesn't work for you, you can try this fix. This method supports more devices but is not suitable for everyone due to the usage of ADB.

Use ADB for mouse


It is required to get a working mouse mode on Android 11+

This allows you to fix the mouse for Android 11+ by using ADB to emulate clicks.

Use ADB for emulating buttons

If you want to use actions from the Keycode tab or dialpad, you need to have installed Leankey Keyboard or enabled this option. It allows to use of ADB to emulate buttons

Use ADB speed up (experimental)

It allows to speed up the previous two points - mouse and buttons emulation which works with some delay without it.

If you have trouble with speed up, please write me to

Use ADB for killing apps

If you want to get a properly worked "Close all" button in the recent apps, you need to enable it. Also, it used for actions "Stop all recent apps", "Kill foreground app" etc

Use ADB for some actions

You can find Reboot and Power Off actions in the "Action" tab or create ADB commands. This one must be enabled to get it working properly

Restart ADB service after sleep

This forces the service to restart after the device is turned on. This is necessary if the service stops working after turning it off and on.


Some devices have a non-default port, so you can change it here. With incorrect port service will not work.

The default port is 5555.

Delay before run ADB service

It is needed for devices that have troubles with ADB service after reboot but work after "Restart service" from this tab.

You can set a delay after which the service will be launched

Fix permissions

This is used when you need to grant permissions via ADB. You do it right from the app.

You can find the manual in Troubleshooting.

Check ADB connection

Here you can check the ADB connection. If it is ok, then all features that use ADB must work. If it is not ok, try to restart the ADB service in the next item.

Restart ADB service

Here you can restart the ADB service if you have any troubles with ADB features.

Custom getevent codes

Here you can map action to a button if you use a custom remote control or a button can't be remapped using the accessibility service


You need to find a way to intercept button presses. For example, if the button opens some app, you need to disable this app. If you can't intercept button default action, it will run both actions - original and custom.