Many users would like to remap some buttons according to their needs. Unfortunately some producers or brands make it impossible for some buttons. In this article we say you how to remap Netflix button on Xiaomi and TiVo Stream 4K with most innovative remapping app for TV devices.

tvQuickActions - mouse toggle for Android TV and more

Remap Netflix button

  1. Find “tvQuickActions” app in Play Store and install it.

2. After install open app and you can see setup master. In first screen described one of main features – 5 actions on 1 button. It is developed specially for remotes with a small number of buttons and allows to increase usability of your devices.

3. On next step you will be asked to enable Accessibility service. Click on “Enable”.

4. Now you can see Settings. Go to Device Preferences -> Accessibility -> tvQuickActions -> Turn on the toggle.

5. Then we recommend you grant other permissions so that you do not return to the settings again. So go to the Apps -> Special app access and give “Usage access” and “Display over apps” permissions.

6. Next step in the setup master is choosing button for remap. For Netflix button on Xiaomi and TiVo it is unnecessary step, so skip it. If you want remap another button, press Change and button you want to remap.

7. Skip the next steps and you will be taken to the main screen of the application. Go to the Settings in side menu and turn on appropriate option.

8. Now in Actions tab you can find Netflix button. For remapping another button you can use “Add” button. Go to the setup Netflix button and choose actions for tvQuickActions panel. You can aslo change action type to simple action.

9. When you press Netflix button you will see dialog with a choice of applications. Choose tvQuickActions app and press “Always”. Now when you click “Netflix” you will see tvQuickActions panel with 5 actions.

Read more about app on home page. If you have any questions write me