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- Improved recognize of UNKNOWN buttons (works in some cases, if buttons have different scancodes). Also special mode is available in general settings to use scancodes for all buttons, it can be helpful if you have buttons with the same keycode
- Two lines for remapping using getevent (for cases if different buttons have the same keycode)
- New actions: display modes menu, ADB service restart
- Configurable delay before screenshot
- By default menu interrupt keycodes, you can disable it for chosen menu
- "Back action" will close panels/menus/cursor
- Fixes and improvements
May, 2024


- Redesigned: BT manager, sleep timer, screen recorder, dialpad, night mode, updated dialog. It now looks closer to native - dialogs in Android 12+
- Implemented: remapping using ADB/getevent can work without accessibility service. Some actions don't work without accessibility - service
- Implemented: macros can be triggered with disabled accessibility service
- Implemented: volume buttons fix as action, disable/enable remapping as action (only for macros), disable/enable tvQA - accessibility service as action (only for macros)
- Implemented: any Bluetooth device connected/disconnected can be used as trigger for macros
- Implemented: connect/disconnect Bluetooth audio devices using BT manager and see connection status
- Implemented: connect/disconnect BT audio device as action for button/menu/macros
- Implemented timer settings: configurable time before showing dialog, optional sound notification
- Implemented: more options to filter logcat entry as trigger: contain, equal, starts with, ends with, regex
- Implemented: use custom getevent codes to map action to button
- Now you can use menus like keyboard/dialpad, it doesn't intercept key presses
- Optional: Image fill on channel items if user icons are used
- Menus now in loop
- You can show toast with intent, where dev.vodik7.tvquickactions.SHOW_TOAST is action and use "message" string extra to message
- Icons color in dock-style menu can be configured
- Optional toasts on service enabled/disabled and BT device connected/disconnected
- You can create categories in leanback-style menus
- Optional Fahrenheit for weather
- Devices in BT manager are filtered now. You can disable it in general settings
- New styles for menus: Google-style horizontal and vertical
- Added PUT, DELETE, PATCH methods for requests
- Other fixes and improvements
March, 2024


- Now macros can be triggered on an app goes to foreground/background
- Now you can choose what must be saved in backup
- Added possibility to disable clock and show only weather in "Clock/weather" feature
- Added "Do nothing" action
- Fixes and improvements
October, 2023


- Now constraints for remapping work only with enabled usage access permission
- Added clock and weather widget to"Features"
- You can now use "framerate panel" and "mode for app" on devices with native AFR
- You can now set type, flags and extras for intents
- The cursor can be shown as an arrow and the cursor speed is configurable
- Fixes and improvements
September 3, 2023


- Bug fixes
July-August, 2023


Only for users who support app with "Buy me a coffee":
- Added constraints for remapped buttons - app in foreground or app not in foreground (beta)
- Added triggers for macros - logcat entry and schedule (beta)

- Added "Default action" to "Keycode tab"
- Recent apps feature in dialog for faster startup (optional, see in settings)
- Restart ADB service after sleep (optional, see in settings)
- Possibility to grant main permissions from ADB tab of the app settings
- Dock-style menu is in loop now
- Fixed "Speed up for ADB emulation buttons and mouse" in some cases
- Added F1-F12 to "Keycode" tab
- Other fixes & improvements
July 7, 2023


- Added AFR for Google TV UI (only set-top boxes with Amlogic and Android 11)
- Fixed "Speed up for ADB emulation buttons and mouse" in some cases
- Other fixes
May 18, 2023


Now you can:
- Set close menu or no after action
- Change accent color for timer
- Choose what buttons will open media panel whenany player is active
- Choose leanback settings style for menus
- Added Hungarian and Arabic languages

Other changes:
- Back button fixes
- Fixed dock for RTL
- Fixes and improvements for AFR and locked apps
- Some other fixes and improvements
April 8, 2023


Now you can:
- Buy me a coffee to provide additional support for the app
- Change accent and background colors in menu
- Use custom icons and titles for shortcuts (you need to recreate shortcut)
- Create menu and macros from action chooser
- Duplicate intents, ADB commands, requests, menus and macros (long press in action chooser)
- Disable remapping and enter label for the chosen button

Other changes:
- Remapped buttons are sorted by alphabetically sorting by label and if it doesn't exist by button name
- Different icons for HDMI 1-4 (needs check)
- Mute action now can be "Unmute" if the device currently is muted
- Fixes in recent apps and menus
- Some other fixes and improvements
February 23, 2023


- Speed up for ADB emulation buttons and mouse (experimental, you can turn on it in ADB settings)
- Fixed button A for mouse (for gamepads)
- Fixed backup
January 24, 2023


- Remap app buttons using getevent (only for Sony now). If your Sony with Google TV UI, it works only with a disabled default launcher.
- Added possibility to exclude apps from showing in recent apps and killing
- Added the ability to select custom icons where you could select icons from the list. Please use small files. May affect performance
- Added possibility to change the port for ADB
- Added possibility to scroll in mouse mode when the cursor on screen edges (optional)
- Optional don't kill foreground app (in Recent apps settings)
- Fixed AFR for Homatics with Android 11+
January 22, 2023


- Added some buttons to KeyCode tab
- New screen off feature (makes screen black)
- Forced fix for 20 seconds volume panel (in general settings)
- [AFR] Optional 60hz for 24fps
- Fixes for remapping T and Netflix buttons on TCL (needs check)
December 26, 2022


- Bug fixes
December 4, 2022


- New actions: macros, tap screen and delay for trigger actions and macros
- Dock style for menus
- Added night mode toggle and optional toast on killing apps (with ADB)
- Activity chooser now with search
- Configurable scroll step in mouse mode
- Possible fixes: headers for requests, an opening panel from another panel, network ADB, duplicate icons in recent apps
- Some UI improvements
November 27, 2022


- Improved navigation in the app
- Allowed to remap UNKNOWN and ASSISTANT (only with ADB) buttons
- Added "Clean all apps cache" action (only with ADB), new buttons to keycodes
- Fixed mouse mode for Android 12+ (only with ADB)
- Added settings for channel icons (background color, size, using banners for apps)
- Added optional delay for run ADB service and a possibility to check ADB connection
- Added possibility to use only ADB when map button (try to fix remapping app buttons for Sony)
- Added optional toasts for volume buttons fix and ignore remapping in apps
- Added possibility to set custom headers to requests
- Added icon to the menu title
- Added Wolf Launcher & Projectivy Launcher to exceptions for recent apps
- Denied some actions in trigger actions
- Fixes for wireless ADB and volume buttons fix for Sony TV
November 14, 2022


- New actions: requests (GET, POST) instead of URL, force stop foreground app, change screen orientation, start screensaver, some new buttons in keycodes
- Dock: now it is in the loop and you can disable adding new apps
- BT manager: fixed scrolling and added confirmation dialog on disabling BT
- Fixes: AFR for some new devices, adding shortcuts to trigger actions, channel icons after reboot on some devices, some crashes & memory leaks
September 23, 2022


- Bug fixes
August 11, 2022


- Trigger actions - you can set actions to power on, enter/exit sleeping
- ADB commands now available as actions
- New possibilities for menus: create a channel on the home screen and show clock in menu
- Added new feature action: dialpad
- Added some new keycodes: nums, guide, screenshot
- Fixed: icons for activities
- Improved and fixed AFR
August 8, 2022


- New features: close all apps, previous apps and restart the app
- Added possibility to change the tvQuickActions panel position
- Dock transparency can be turned off
- Memory leaks fixes
- Some fixes for: Bluetooth manager, menus, recent apps, remapping via ADB
- Added portuguese language
June 16, 2022


- Intents can be created and mapped in the app
- [AFR] You can set the default mode for apps which unsupported AFR via the app
- Added possibility to show title in menus
- Double and long click latencies now configurable
- Double clicks for remapped via ADB buttons are now available
- Fixed Netflix remapping on Onn UHD and Patchwall on Xiaomi Stick 4k (needs check)
- Fixed restoring backup for Android 11+
- Fixed adding a hidden app in the dock
- Some other fixes & improvements
May 30, 2022


- Menus and panels. Now you can create a menu or tvQA panel with chosen actions and map it to the button. For example, in this way, you can map three panels on single, double and long press to button and get 15 actions per button.
- Parental control. Now you can lock chosen apps
- Backup. Now you can create and restore settings backups
- The timer will save the last custom used values (can be disabled in settings)
- Improve Turkish translation (thx @cmhrky)
May 16, 2022


- Improve ignoring remaps in chosen apps. For example, you can use the volume buttons as usual without the volume buttons fix.
- Fix remapping Netflix, Prime & Patchwall buttons on Mi TV Stick 4K
- Volume button fix should work on more Sony devices
- Add AFR_CALC for Ugoos devices
February 23, 2022


- Fix exit from mouse mode by the back button
- Fix ignore remapping in apps
- Fix remapping Prime for Mi TV Stick (needs test)
- Fix volume buttons fix for Sony TV (needs test)
- Fix AFR visible on unsupported devices
- Fix closing a chosen app in recent apps
- Fix AFR for Mi TV Stick 4K (needs test)
February 12, 2022


- [AFR] Supports some devices with Android 11 & Amlogic CPU
- Now the app has included ADB, look in the settings
- [ADB] Remap "colored" app buttons using ADB (app must be disabled)
- [ADB] Fixes of volume buttons & mouse mode
- [ADB] Use for emulating buttons & force-stopping apps
- [ADB] Added shutdown and reboot to "Actions" tab
- Now you can set up wallpaper for recent apps
- New buttons in "Keycode" tab
- Now available partial remap of the back button
- Info: Now AFR works in auto mode in Tivimate
February 7, 2022


- We create Telegram chat, join us to be in touch with the developer (scan QR)
- [Mapper] Now you can hide/sort apps and turn on dark mode in the dock 
- [Mapper] Fixed a mouse bug when the cursor was on the edges of the screen 
- [Mapper] Fixed screenshot creation using the tvQuickActions panel
- [Mapper] Fixed using the mouse in night mode
- [Mapper] General fixes and improvements
- [AFR] Fixed auto return to default mode
- Reworked settings
- Added German and Turkish languages
January 21, 2022


- [Mapper] Dock with apps (in Features tab)
- [Mapper] Now you can set apps that will be ignored by the mapper
- [Mapper] Redesign for action choosing
- [AFR] Now AFR can change the resolution (optional)
December 24, 2021


- Volume buttons fix (more info in settings)
- Auto stop AFR by one click or from the framerate panel (more info in the AFR tab)
- Now long press work without releasing the button
- Exit from mouse button by the same button launched it (you can use "back" button in mouse mode)
- Swipes in mouse mode can be disabled
- Hide non-working double and long press actions for the Netflix button
December 13, 2021


- Added video recording feature
- Added night mode feature
- Added framerate panel for quick change mode in two clicks (for devices with AFR via tvQuickActions)
- Bugfix for one-click AFR (TiVo, Eko KATV10)

Now enabling / disabling the tvQuickActions or AFR service in the application settings allows you to remove the influence of these services on the system. After changing the settings, be sure to restart your device. You can read about the influence of these services in the FAQ in the paragraphs about holding the volume and the volume bar.
November 24, 2021


- Fix
November 6, 2021


- AFR for Amlogic devices based on Android 9/10 through apps that support it.
- AFR by one click for some devices (TiVo Stream 4K, Eko KATV10, maybe some another). If it is available for your device, you can find it in Features tab.
- Improvements and bug fixes

Warning! The AFR functionality is experimental.Read carefully where exactly he should work. If itdoes not work or does not work correctly on yourdevice, but is displayed in the menu, please writeto the author of the application.
November 5, 2021


- Open needed activity of any app (long click on app in "App" tab)
- Some buttons can be mapped as action (works only with LeanKey Keyboard)
- Optimizations and fixes
September 22, 2021


- Sleep timer (Android 9+)
- Media control panel 2 (works only with LeanKey Keyboard)
- Double and Long press for one action type
- Apps shortcuts
- New actions: go to sleep, swipe in every direction
- Added opportunity to run cursor on opening power dialog
- Bugfix
August 11, 2021


- Now you can remap as many buttons as you like
- Now you can set one action on the button
- Mouse swipes by double click without any delay
- Mouse swipes on 2,4,6,8 and Page Up/Page Down buttons
- Deny remapping DPAD buttons (including OK)
June 19, 2021


- New feature: quick change TV input
- Remove ATV launchers from recent apps
June 2, 2021


- Added Bluetooth manager
- Added recent apps for any device
- Fix for remapping the Netflix button on Xiaomi devices
May 29, 2021