Some of available actions

Mouse toggle

Cursor on any remote. With swipe opportunity. This feature allow you to use any Android app on your Android TV including browsers

Sleep timer

If you like to watch Youtube or TV before sleeping, it is necessary for you


Night mode

Make your screen darker in an easy way, it will help your eyes. No need to constantly change brightness settings anymore

Recent apps

Works on any Android TV devices. Developed for remote control. Kill all apps feature included


Quick way to open any app. Quick way to force stop any app.

Some of advanced actions


Automate your actions. For example, you can launch the VPN application when you turn on the device, click on the required button and return to the home screen

ADB commands

Yes, ADB command can be run directly from the application. Just map it to button, menu or panel

HTTP Requests

Send GET or POST requests with custom headers and data to control your smart home or anything else

Unique feature - tvQuickActions panel

You can set up 5 actions on 1 button!

Press remapped button

See overlay with actions

Press needed DPAD button

in addition to panels


Quick access to apps, actions. Create menus with favourite actions, apps and games

You can remap button on such devices as:

Xiaomi Mi Stick, Mi Box, Mi TV

Xiaomi Mi Stick, Mi Box, Mi TV

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV

most of Android TV devices and Android TV boxes

most of Android TV devices and Android TV boxes


Discover the useful app

tvQuickActions allow you assign 5 actions to button of your remote and add a lot of useful functions to your device. Supports Android TV, Google TV and AOSP on most of devices.

Easy for use

Easy for use

Setup wizard helps you to set up app and give all needed permissions. It takes only a few minutes. Choosing actions and settings is as easy as possible.

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